Drag queens are shady

Okay, so heres the deal.  A while back I made a fake Grindr profile.  And for those of you who dont know what Grindr is, its a smartphone based app that allows you to see other gay men that are close to you and chat.  But the other day I was on said fake profile and I messaged a local Louisville, KY drag queen by the name of Syimone.  I was just trolling for dick pics being bored…nothing too fancy.  But then she suggested we text, and so I did.  Little did I know that she already had my number saved as my name, so when I text her my name came up…..needless to say I got caught.  But ya know, what I did wasnt even bad.  We all troll for dick pics once in a while…add to the equation boredom and you get a fake profile.  Shit happens.  But no, this girl had to go all diva and put me on blast all over Facebook and shit.  And this is a new development…..I’ve started getting blocked phone calls.  Im not answering them…but I mean…its annoying.  So yeah, someone needs to get over it.  Because its just pictures.  And its not like I showed them to anyone.  Not hurting anyone….so back the fuck up off my nuts.

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